Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Nefertiti - the Naked Pharaoh Queen of the Nile became Goddess of Amarna

Nefertiti means "Beauty of Aten" or "the Beautiful one has come" in Pharaoh language. Was Nefertiti a show-off? Was she really beautiful?

Nefertiti became Queen of Pharaohs and her spouse Akhenaten was King Amenothep. Nefertiti started her own religion which she brought to a new place, Amarna, to escape being murdered by the Pharaoh priests. Together with her husband, they spread sun worship (penyembah matahari).

Nefertiti was thought to be a beautiful women & mother with a slim swan-like neck and a beautiful face and lips. Her bust with an oversized heargear lies in the German museum even though the Egyptians want her back in Egypt as Egypt believes she was stolen and brought to Germany in 1920s. She had also appeared naked and her naked statue is at the museum. Nefertiti had three kids.

Nefertiti's clothes looked like MAS stewardess outfits!
Women today pluck their eyebrows and wear lipstick just like Nefertiti did.
Women too like to show off their cleavage, just like Nefertiti.
Coincidence or copy cats?

Artist's impression of a beautiful Nefertiti

Naked Nefertiti poses for the world
Limestone cast of Nefertiti with three of her daughters (from Wikipedia)
Nefertiti was known to be cruel - suka bantai hamba perempuannya
Looks like the Chinese stone gods in temples
Nefertiti limestone cast - makeover for film and study
MRI of Nefertiti bust
Nefertiti and sun worship
More on Nefertiti, whether she was Black or not


Anonymous said...

I don't know where you got your "facts", but Neffertiti had six daughters by Akhenaten. And she supported her husband in creating a single god religion, she did not "bring" it to him. Really, do some reading!